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Babs Thread: Hell on Heels Edition

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I think Babs' Batsuit should have high heels. They're just more fun. It'd help her stand out, and you can interpret them any number of ways on a character standpoint.
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Is /co/ ready to admit it was kino?
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What if Aladdin but gay?
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post capeshit boys with cake
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>Gets their episode unedited
>Get a primetime finale premiere with promotion
I never want to hear that Amphibia is getting screwed over ever again. You guys are so fucking spoiled with the attention Disney gives you. It's crazy the amount of love Disney gives it when other shows are thrown in the dust without even any social media posts made for them

MEGA Thread

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Old one got archived, so I'm making a new one.
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Could Steven redeem her?
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It's bullshit that Tootie doesn't have faries

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>every alien who can fly is copying my character
>supermanis a perfect multiverse god that jobs to a bat.
>5blacksupermanthreads at time
>3 threads complaining about"supermanclones" at a time
>muh evil superman reeeeee
>let mederaila death battle thread by talking about a monkey
>supermanis a mary sue and you should love him.

How can anybody like this character? The fanbase is awful.