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Your opinion?
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Does China stand a chance in the comicbook industry with all their censorships and restrictions?

Image unrelated.
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2021, I am forgotten... Again.
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ITT: Shows only disliked by /Co/ntrarians in love with the word overrated.
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post capeshit boys with cake
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What would you do in this situation?
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This dragon literally made the film. Without Sisu the movie would be so boring and just an industry plant of "look, we can make a girl power movie" (proceeds to put absolutely no personality in their character). It was visually stunning, yes. But this noodle was the only reason worth watching the film (I've seen it like 6 times)

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Well, /co/?
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God I fucking love the 2000s

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God I fucking love the 2000s

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post girls drawn with women proportions.

keep it clean
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