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There will never be another Don Bluth
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Frozen 2

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>new book about Agnarr's epic bedtime story to Anna and Elsa
Was it genocide? What else can they even tell about this story other than Runeard was a bad man?
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I think Enid should have got with Elodie instead.
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robotboy thread? robotboy thread

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This land is mine~
God gave this land to me...
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What is the best looking Peter?

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helluva boss

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what does she see in him? afaik, moxxie is a total simp through and through, but somehow he is still able to find and hold down a dame. what's his secret?
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Do you know what happens to kitties that steal?
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What are the best independent books currently being published for the gentlemen with elevated taste? I'm a boomer (well, by this sites standards anyway) and I need to escape the juvenile lowbrow schlock that make up 70% of the comic book market.

thanks in advance

*tips fedora*