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Official Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 4 Thread

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oh look, it's friday again. that means we're minutes away from the debut of a new episode in season 2 of DCU's 'harley quinn'!

i actually found a preview for this one, so here we go:


in this episode, harley and the gang find their way into mr. freeze's lair because it's too hot outside or something. commissioner gordon throws a bottle of whiskey at a minor, so that's kinda funny. it also looks like someone remembered that poison ivy is good with biochemistry so that's probably gonna get, like, a few seconds of screen time. oh yeah, and mr. freeze wants to do experiments and stuff so he can find a cure for his wife. i think that's about the gist of it.

'thawing hearts' will be airing on DC's streaming service shortly. a MEGA will almost certainly be provided sometime soonish ITT. everybody get in here and enjoy the latest episode of 'harley quinn'!