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Reasons why Steven Universe was the worst cartoon of all time:

>no gems with male pronouns (except Steven) because muh trans and womyn representation

>Abused talk no jutsu to a ridiculous extent because violence is bad when its the only real way for change to occur

>Let the diamonds who have committed millennia of genocide, planetcide and even GALAXYCIDE get away scott-free of their heinous offenses by rebuilding a couple gems, giving non-apologies, and emitting a blue light that causes people to laugh

>horrible boring townie episodes featuring a greasy fry nerd whose a mock up of a weeb alex jones watcher, an apathetic smug hipster, some black people who own a pizza shop and party with a rich kid.

>good portion of gem designs (especially amethyst and jasper) are fat and ugly

>horrible idpol soapbox messages shoehorned in by sugar to promote her liberal ideology

>future was less a continuation of Steven Universe and moreso a personal Soapbox PSA by Sugar about abuse and Trauma even though Steven never suffered or was affected by anything in the original Steven Universe and Greg didn't do anything wrong as a parent.