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1. Renew Your Vows is going to be canceled in 2018 and replaced with a new Slott written Spider-Girl series with Annie as the new Spider-Girl.

2. America Chavez is going to join the Avengers after the Champions/Avengers crossover and become the new leader of the Avengers. Marvel plans a huge push for America Chavez, and Marvel is working on a pitch for Netflix to do an America Chavez TV show.

3. Before Ti-Nehishi Coates takes over Captain America/Cap gets his own book back, there is plans to do a Mark Waid mini-series to "fix" Captain America in the eyes of the public. The storyline will be set in WW2 and feature lots of SJW junk and Nazi punching, in terms of fan service for liberal folks who have been pissy that Cap hasn't been joining in with Antifas attacking people that they claim are Nazis.

4. There is talk about ditching the X-Men from Uncanny Avengers and turning it into an "Old School" Avengers book. Current word is Clint Barton (who will abandon the Hawkeye name for Kate Bishop in order to become Goliath again), Monica Rambaeu, and Mockingbird into the book and move the team out west, turning it into West Coast Avengers in all but name.

Also, one storyline being pitched, would have Crystal join the team for an arc to deal with the loose ends with the status of Black Knight after his series was canceled.

5. Gaiman has finished work on remaining issues of Miracleman The Silver Age. But there is lots of talk on whether or not to just dump the six issues out into TPB or continue releasing the series as single issues, since some at Marvel want to get Neil's run over with ASAP so they can begin incorporating Miracleman into the Marvel Universe already.

6. One of the rejected pitch ideas for Generations was that all of the SJW heroes get tossed back in time to the day Galactus came to Earth and for them to save the day, not the Fantastic Four.