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Rick and Morty get cucked by the network

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When the Rick and Morty season three premiere officially airs, it will NOT be the same version that aired on April Fools Day.

1. All reference to Szechuan sauce will be purged from the official version of the season three premiere. McDonalds sent Adult Swim a threatening letter saying they did not authorize them to reference the Mulan-themed sauce promotion and told them to remove all references. As such, dialogue has been altered to make the sauce Rick mentions during his interrogation to be a different kind of sauce.

2. Rick's ENTIRE monologue at the end has been axed, with the exception of the reference to season three being "the darkest year yet".

Adult Swim was very much upset at the negative reaction to the monologue from the preview and gave Justin and Dan an ultimatum: rewrite the monologue to make Rick less of an asshole, or Adult Swim would cut the ENTIRE MONOLOGUE from the official season three airing/future airings.

This is one of the reasons for why Dan and Justin have had a huge falling out: Dan (who wrote the monologue) wanted to go full martyr while Justin agreed to Adult Swim's demand. Adult Swim is of the "Rick is a hero/cares for the family, even Jerry" camp in terms of the direction of the show. Adult Swim was also not happy at the decision to break up Beth/Jerry and felt Harmon wrote the monologue explicitly to attack Adult Swim, when they express concern over the plotline when they were told about the direction of season three.