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The Bleeding Cool Post

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Joe Glass and Jude Terror's attempt to deplatform Marvel critics is being backed by Marvel.

Marvel basically cut Rich Johnston a good amount of money to shill Legacy (and do shit like the Stan Lee video) to silence critics. And to use his anti-GG connections/strategies to work on strategies to silence critics.

The irony is that Rich has far fucking more to hide than the folks rightfully calling out Marvel on their shit.

Joe Glass is a known pedophile and nearly got arrested a couple of years back for molesting a 12 year old. The family refused to press charges, because they didn't want to put their kid through the trauma of a trial. The whole thing was hushed up and Rich knows all about it when he hired him. He's also sent anonymous death threats to Howard Chaykin (who laughed them off).

Meawnwhile Jude Terror physically assaulted one of his ex-boyfriends and threw scalding hot water/sugar on him. Which, if you are familiar with what scalding hot water/sugar can do the flesh? Not pretty. The ex barely escaped this horrific fate by ducking and ended up having to flee from the house, leaving all of his shit (which Jude sold before he could recover it).

Both are the textbook case for mentally ill homosexuals. One is a pedo and the other is a spousal abuser who tried to disfigure a former lover. Yet both are fucking acting like they are above reproach and are able to silence critics.