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Cum Swallowing Thread

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Gifs/Webm required
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Amputee thread

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Previous >>9583154
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Cuntboys - confident and masculine edition

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Boys with pussies and pussies only. If he has both, it goes in the male-bodied futa thread instead >>9610090
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Overstimulation by machines

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Fetish extremly hard to find, there was a good chunk of it on pornhub in form of chinese futa SFM, but it got purged.

-(almost)every hole is used and stimulated by machine
-no furries, etc. Human girls only, don't care if futa
-no tentacles(must be machine)
-no lolis ffs

Bonuses for:
-xray of stimulated parts
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Is there a term for vanalla but large pregnancy? Like some sort of octomom looking 9 months belly?

Not like fully on hyper preg where someone has a voltswagon sized belly. Something right on the edge of being unrealistic.

Post those bellies.
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Mpreg thread

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Don't see one up currently, gotta change that
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Condom in Wedding Ring / Wearing Condom as Wedding Ring

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Just found this fetish and I've never been into a fetish as much as this one, but I don't know how to search for any more

Dumping everything I have
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Futa Yuri Thread #9

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Futa on female where the only thing that should be in excess is love and affection.
No deformation, nothing where the dick is so absurdly big, no bizarre positions, expressions or semen tsunamis.

Previous: >>9529813
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Dumb Humiliating Transformations

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Post girls and women getting transformed into dumb/humiliating forms, the weirder the better!
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