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Globalized Fetish Thread

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No one else seems to be making this, so I will. Post how you'd change the world to suit your fantasies. Please don't make me do this all by myself.
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Giant Male Thread

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(Non-Futa) Monster Girl Thread No.152

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Old Thread: >>9661970
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It's been too long since the last thread. Male v Female preferred. Futa OK. NO Slime/Tentacle inflation. Expansion ok.
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Trap thread

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just anything and everything trap related :3
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Top Tier Feminization

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Best of the Best of the Best. Preferably Feminization for/by men
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Robot and Cyborg Girls

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bondage + sex toys + long term

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Piercing Thread

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Strings Attached Edition
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Vanilla Pregnancy thread

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Monster Girl Edition
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