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Navel/Bellybutton Thread

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Tickle Torture thread

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last one got nuked
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Multiple arms

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Last thread got nuked
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Bon/d/age thread

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Share your favorite bondage positions/setups/bindings/scenarios with some of your favorite pictures illustrating it, and explain why you like those pictures. For example:

I really, really like bondage involving chairs (where the subject is actually tied to them, usually.) It's versatile, can achieve extreme immobilization of the subject with minimal ties and/or common household items (duct tape) and can be set up to leave the subject very, very accessible - pussy, tits and mouth. And you can make them look at you while you use them.

I like this one for how exposed she is, but especially because of the look in her eyes.
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Wedge thread

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Anything goes as long as panties are being pulled. Traps and futa are welcome. Front wedgies are good too.
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Post below happens to you, oh no what a shame.

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oh no the picture below me is a big tittied shemale I'm soo upset.
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Veiny Breasts

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Engorged veins are preferred.
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Dumb humiliating tf

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Girls transform into stupidc/ ugly / dumb things
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A thread to post huge futas and superiority to woman , and muchin hentai

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A thread to post huge futas and superiority to woman , and muchin hentai

Belly Stuffing Thread

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Nothing too BBW please, also no male/futa stuffing, no vore, or extreme slob
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