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Long term or permanent bondage

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Thread for ladies that are going to spend a lot of time in bondage. It can be long term or absolutely permanent.
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Insects Fucking Girls

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Birth Thread

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Bonus for anal creampie/penetration during birthing
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lewd fashion - slutwear, signs, accessories, etc

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clothes, signs, or accessories on body that showcase how much of a slut or can be forcibly wear to humiliate and degrade

for example, penis shaped jewelry, lingerie/swimwear with farm animal theme, used condoms tied to genital piercings, etc etc creativity is a plus
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Official Censor Thread - Original Artist/Producer Censors

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I find the "official" censors usually used over the eyes to hide the identities of the characters in a lewd photo shot really hot (not the censors required legally to hide the genitals, those suck)

Preferably no fan-edits
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Hung traps

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Been to long since we had a hung trap thread.
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Another headless/detachment thread (#2)

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-No cheap edits
-No furry
-No gore
>No shilling your Discord/Gumroad/Whatever
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Futa deepthroat fucking, like pic related.
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Anything is fine, but prefer feet/socks.
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Too weird even for /d/

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Is there any porn you know of or have found on the internet that is so weird that you felt that it didn't even belong on /d/? (keep in mind, dorses are fairly common place. So yes, even weirder than that.)
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