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SW - Shrinking Women - Slow Shrinks Preferred Edition!

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Oh Geez! What happened to the SW threads? Well here's one! ;)
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Monster on Female

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Monsters, beasties, gribblies and ghoulies oh my,
All on human frmales
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Cursed Loot

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Very specific but can't get enough of this stuff. Cursed bondage with implied bideo game mechanics
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bimbofication thread

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bimbofication thread, now 100% less uptight then /aco/, himbos and Gyaru welcome

Old thread here: >>9625455
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Cock milking creatures
Basically tentacles, plants, aliens and parasites that exist almost solely to drain you of your semen.
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straight / hung traps thread

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Post traps that are straight, hung or topping (preferably a woman or another trap at least)
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Internal pee thread

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Finally got "internal urination" added as a tag onto e-hentai. It will hopefully now become way more easy to find works involving this.
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Creepy, monstrous and horrific transformation thread

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A thread for the most disturbing female or mtf transformation
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Big Butt Thread 41

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Previous: >>9576121

This thread's for the biggest butts you've got. Ass expansion is very welcome, ass are enormous thighs and hips.

No male, futa, or gas, please.
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Youtube famous edition

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