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Living Fuckdolls

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Couldn't think of a proper title, specifically Im trying to find more like this, fucknuggets who's heads have been replaced with a machine to keep their vitals going. Closest thing I've seen to this are those object heads threads on /aco/, sorry for not hitting the image limit but all I got are 2
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The best you've never seen.
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/d/orse Queen's Stallion thread

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Why is birthing so rare in hentai?

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I can only name two where it happens.
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futa self sucking / auto fellatio
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Giantess Growth Enthusiasts (and friends !)

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I couldn't see anyone reopening it, so what the heck ?
This thread is focused on girls turning into big girls, big girls turning into bigger girls, and so on. It can be inside a room, at sea, or even on a whole other planet ! The main point is that it's about embiggening.
Of course, other kinds of expansions are allowed, like muscle or booty, but just for females. No male, no femboy, and no futanari.
Have a good day !
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The act of partially or wholly inserting another creature into the vagina, usually concluding with that creature inhabiting the uterus. Relevant body parts of the host typically expand to accommodate the act.
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Breast Shrinking/Reduction/Theft

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Unbirth Thread

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Same size edition
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Women in Stasis Tanks

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Something about it just does it for me, lads. Show me more. No futa please.
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