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Uncut cock thread

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A thread dedicated to the foreskin.
Traps, futa, men, monsters, whatever; so long as there's a penis with a foreskin, it's welcome!
Avoid hyper/massive foreskin
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/rg/ - Ryona General 18

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Boxing is not overrepresented edition
Thread dedicated to posting girls getting beaten or abused. Peril is also allowed. No guro, spilt entrails, decapitation, etc.
Previous thread: >>9672369
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Gentle Giantess Thread

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Big Mommy GF Edition

Last: >>9661823
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Muscle Girls Thread #107

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Henched Hero edition. H-Hey look, I mean, if you have an opening for a squire, or like a bard, or anything...
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Fannypacking / Undercarriage Thread

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Post people bound to a larger being's body in such a way that they are being constantly penetrated.
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Penis enlargement\expansion thread
This thread is about dicks getting bigger male/futa (who am i kidding futa will be the only thing posted) hopefully with the primary focus on process and with the targets actively trying to get bigger.
Magic and non explained expansion/growth is fine of course but not nearly as great.
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Fat stuckage

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Post fatties stuck in places
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Sexy Assholes

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Puffy anus and gaping buttholes are so fucking erotic and I can't get enough of them. Female, trap/femboy, or futanari are all fine. Let's just post some hot assholes.
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Centaur girl thread

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Dicks or no dicks, it's /d/ who gives a shit as long as it's a girl attached to a horse.
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Big Booty Dark Elves

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This thread was made on a whim from a comment on the Big Butt thread.

Idk how far this will go, but I'm giving it a shot.
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