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petrification asfr

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I've waited long enough. I guess I gotta do it myself.
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Female Feminiziation/Stepford/Princessification

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This is the thread for females, preferrably tomboys, being feminized into proper ladies. Whatever flavor of feminization you prefer, be it maid, princess/queen, housewife, whore or gold digger, feel free to post it.
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Not enough mummification or encasement going on here. girls only, can be bandages/tape/webs/whatever. lets see em bound up so tight and thick they can barely wiggle.
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WAM (Wet and Messy)

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Last thread hit the bump limit lets keep it goin.

Previous thread >>9680369
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Womb Tattoos

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Gyaru Edition
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it's been a long time since we didn't get a belly only inflation thread
>no blueberry or bubble inflation
>if there ass and breast expansion too, that's ok
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General Tf/Transformation thread

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I haven't seen a general tf thread in quite a while, so let's see how long this will last.
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Cow/Minotaur Woman Sauce, 3rd edition

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Post your moo women, /d/. It's the year of the cow and they don't get enough love. Doesn't matter how big or small they are, get them out here.
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Feet Thread 110

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Old thread here:
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Insect Thread

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Been awhile.
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