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Condom in Wedding Ring / Wearing Condom as Wedding Ring

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Just found this fetish and I've never been into a fetish as much as this one, but I don't know how to search for any more

Dumping everything I have
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Femdom general

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All things that croßect /d/ and femdom itt.
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BBW/SSBBW Thread - Basics Edition

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Previous Thread >>9684421

Post examples of your ideal fatty shape.

Thread question: Size aside for the moment, what's your favorite *distribution* of fat?
Apple, pear, hourglass? Unrealistically gut-heavy?
Do you prefer a smooth belly apron, cascading rolls, or something in-between?
Do you prefer visibly fat faces or for them to stay mostly smooth even at large sizes?
Blobfags, does your answer change between regular girls and mountains of lard?

Weight Gain Thread >>9680885
Venus Thread >>9672421
Male/BHM Thread >>9700953
Belly Stuffing Thread >>9682685
Belly Fucking Thread >>9683296
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Futa Yuri Thread #9

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Futa on female where the only thing that should be in excess is love and affection.
No deformation, nothing where the dick is so absurdly big, no bizarre positions, expressions or semen tsunamis.

Previous: >>9529813
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Dumb Humiliating Transformations

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Post girls and women getting transformed into dumb/humiliating forms, the weirder the better!
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Straitjackets, padded cells

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And other kinds of very restrictive imprisonment that isn't implied to be permanent.
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the longest manes:chaper 4 longer than ever

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long and sexy hair apreciation thread
post your very long hair girls here
hairjobs hair vore prehensile hair
or just girls with beautiful long hair
writeannons welcome
no cut shave or futa please
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Omorashi Thread

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Girls only, futa and male content goes in its own thread.
Previous thread: >>9656378
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New Hypnosis, Mind Control thread

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New Hypnosis, Mind Control thread

Try and keep it hentai/Japanese artists, there is already a hypno thread on /aco/.

Old thread here: >>9621915
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TSF/Gender Bender/Rule 63/TG Thread

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Oppai edition.

Previous thread: >>9690709
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