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Chastity Lockdown #10

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Tapping edition

Post "Please put me in chastity, my record is X days." Your chastity sentence is your previous record, plus the last digit of your post ID (0 counts as 10). We're going to improve upon your tragically low personal best, anon.

Post tasks for other anons to complete. Be creative, and a little evil. Each completed task subtracts one day. No repeating tasks. If you start a task and fail, add 5 days. Subs, keep us updated on your progress.

But don't reduce your day count too far! If you finish under your previous record, you may cum, you've earned it. But first you must type those magic words "Please put me in chastity...". As you climax, hit the post button and seal your fate.

>For anons with a record over 30 days, you've earned the right to play with the old rules. Start at zero and add the last digit of your ID, times some multiplier. Last thread's multiplier was 9. This thread's is the last digit of the thread post number.

Please be vigilant in attaching images to discussion. This is a hentai board. Photos of cages don't count and Western art belongs on >>>/aco/.

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