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>The search backend is currently unavailable.
I use this archive as much as 4chan itself. Please survive.

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Does the archive on /a/ no longer contain older posts? It only seems to go back a few months now.

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Searching by image hash wasn't working for some of my images so I looked for them manually in the archive (in the actual threads I saved them in) and, when compared in a hex editor, they seem to be different from the specific ones downloaded directly from 4chan. I assume that's why searching by image hash was getting no results for me. So what happened here?

Shopping bots

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With all else going on with the archive lately this really doesn't matter much, but /meta/ has had bots creating these inane shopping threads.

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>a few days

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Is there a way to download full images from a thread in bulk? Every method I have tried only saved thumbnails in bulk.

Archive.moe lost months

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Was the lost 4 months of archive.moe ever recovered in some form or other?