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I think I have a fairly simple solution to the spam on the ghost - why not just block links in the ghost?

harder things to implement may be using recaptcha or blocking IP ranges which post spam unless they appeal

word analysis of chan

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hi. i am considering doing an university paper about main usage of words in chan, using desuarchive as a linguistic corpus. Do you know if there is a way to know which words are the ones used the most during a certain period of time?

Thumbnails down?

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Just took a look around the archive, the thumbnails don't seem to be working.

As always, thanks much for keeping this thing up!

Undetected thread deletions

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Lately on /a/ and /qa/'s ghost an anon has mentioned their threads being deleted from 4chan, but there's no trash can icon nor were they forced to archive by mods. We are unsure entirely of if mods have an ability to delete threads without detection now.
Since Desuarchive's seemingly had some hiccups lately I was wondering if that's the cause, rather than some weird stealth deletion button. Would definitely appreciate any scraps of info you archive masters might have.
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It's fuckt

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I'm getting search errors on /k/, but not other boards.
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Bibanon Server Failure Discussion

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Statement regarding the server failure on Nov 22: https://archive.is/vwq59

Please use this thread for any questions or discussion.

There is no data loss of any kind.
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On /r9k/'s top images 4-21 shouldn't be there, the rest look fine but those are glitched or something and should be reset.

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Daily reminder that /int/'s search engine still only goes as far as October 23, 2017
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Desuarchive's database server will be undergoing maintainence this evening and majority of tomorrow. This will fix some boards becoming corrupt (usually /wsg/), threads not being comepletely archived, and will also reduce load on the database server. During this process, desuarchive and rbt.asia will be redirected to a backup database. Posts will be accessible there, but some features will not be available or will be degraded (ghost posting, full images, searching, and ban logging). After the migration is complete, we will reenable these features and merge the backup database into the primary one. I will be posting updates to Twitter throughout the entire process, and you can use this thread for discussion.

In addition, this weekend cdn2 and the main servers will be taken offline briefly to replace a failed disk and to increase capacity. During this time, you may be redirected to the backup database with limited features.
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There will be downtime this weekend while the database is upgraded to support emoji in filenames and to finish up the rest of the archive.moe import. Also during this time, the image server will be brought up.

Please use this thread for any questions you may have.
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