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Heads up admin, someone on /m/ ghost is inciting a twitter raid and there's been spam links for weeks, you might want to do something about it.

search doesnt work

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i tried doing a search on /int/ and it gave me "Error!
No results found." despite search word being in recent threads on the archive.

can you please fix this? thank you

Desuarchive data analysis

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Hi, I noticed that there has been a desire for us administrators to do bulk data analysis on the Desuarchive database.
This isn't just for academic researchers, we'll probably help out hobbyists etc. if someone bothers asking for something.

e.g. Finding all pastebin links on a board we archive.
(Pastebin has gotten a little unpredictable lately, so people are wanting to do archival projects for it.)

If you contact the me or the admins in general, we can run SQL queries and more expensive searches manually and provide the results.

The general requirement to get a request fulfilled is to make it easy for us to do whatever it is you need done.
This might include:
Composing a SQL query to get the information you need.
Figuring out the formatting parameters you need to have fed to mysql.
Composing the actual raw search to feed into the search software.

Please visit the Bibanon Matrix channel to let us know that there is something to do, because we are busy and I don't even get around to reading the admin boards bar a few times a year.


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Half the images here are broken

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Every time I try to search image width on /gif/ or /wsg/ (might happen on other boards but I don't care to check) it says
>Error! The search backend returned an error.
and it makes it a real pain in the ass to find a webm when the image md5 and filename I have saved don't narrow it down enough for me

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Selam zoruQQlar

Trchanden geldim buraya,gelin tanışalım. Turj bayragim yok vpn ile giriyorum kusura bakmayın.


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Could this image possibly be salvaged? Or is it gone?

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I can't ghostpost with uMatrix. Basically the captcha window doesn't show up, even tho I have google whitelisted, this doesn't happen on other sites. To ghostpost I have to disable umatrix, clcik post, have recaptcha to show up(the rectangle with checkbox checkmark), then enable again and solve a captcha.

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Hi, since i don't know what to do this is my last hope to solve my problem.
There is a thread that contain personal information about me.
I send an email at [email protected] the 18 October but the thread is still up and the 2 November i made a report on the thread followed by another email this time at [email protected]
Other archives removed the thread quickly but here the thread is still up.
What can i do? Is a temporary situation?
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Post your board's booru shit

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Occasional-assistant-with-Desuarchive here; got bored a few weeks back and decided to look into the suggestions in >>3834. tl;dr: find missing images for /mlp/, and if the filenames look like the pony booru filename format, download them and add them to the archive.

It was a pain in the ass, but I did it, and /mlp/ now has ~80,000 more images in the archive than it used to. There are still some questions around how to regenerate thumbnails for webms and rough edges, but adding shit into the archive from external sources is now down to 'tedious and time-consuming' levels of difficulty.

If your board has a popular booru or other media site with distinctive filenames, we can look at scraping those as well. Post that shit, and we'll look into it with our usual focus and responsiveness.

Request - dump of all pastebin urls in archive

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Pastebin is shitting itself. They are deleting a bunch of pastes. /mlp/ (and other boards?) rely on pastebins for hosting stories.

The kind folks at ArchiveTeam are willing to archive URLs - but they need a list of URLs to grab.

There is a 4chan thread where a response is being coordinated:

This is the ArchiveTeam IRC for pastebin archiving:


I'll be in the IRC for the next 10ish hours. I know this is a big request, especially given all the edge cases for pastebin urls. Maybe you could start with a query like this? (Either /mlp/ or all boards)


I don't want to be some shitter telling you what to do with your database so let us know if you're willing to do this request at all and if so, what help you need. (i.e. query construction / regex )