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>The search backend is currently unavailable.
What happened this time?
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Can we get rid of the "One more step" page or at least make it less aggressive? Really makes it a pain in the ass for those of us who want to browse anonymously.

r9k 2015

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anyone know if an archive for r9k from june 2015 - october 2015 exists? Seems like it's no where. Thx

New 4chan Board!

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There is a new board on 4chan today, and no one is archiving it yet. /vrpg/ still has most of its threads availiable!

Bulk data?

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How can I make very large requests from Python or the API to gather a crap ton of posts spanning many years from a certain board (to feed it to GPT-2)? Or do I have to ask the administrator for that?
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Is there any remnances of /sp/ threads before 2012? I downloaded the archived.moe sql and it was the same stuff already displayed elsewhere.

Heads up admins

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Hey it's late and I'm tired. /m/'s resident schizo is spamming your ghostposting system. If this causes the site strain I would do something about if if I were you.

Unironically using jewgles recaptcha

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You kikes never fucking end. first they add recaptcha to 4chan, then they take down (((8chan))), then they disable no js, then you fuckers add it to this website. Consider suicide, the world would be a better place without """""""Developers""""""" who shove bloatware and botnets into every corner of the shiternet.

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why don't quotes work when searching for filenames?
example: https://desuarchive.org/a/search/filename/%22id%20invaded%2001%22/
this should only return screenshots of the first episode, but since the quotes are ignored it can return other episodes too if they have 01 somewhere in the filename (the timestamp and date often have numbers in them)

i found this on the internet:
>$query->match('comment', $input['text'], true);
>$query->match('media_filename', $input['filename']);
is there a reason the filename search can't have true as the third parameter too? from what i understand it's the part enabling special search syntax like quotes