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Hello Admin, or anyone else that can help me? I'm trying to find pictures through the search, but don't know how to use it. Probably it's for trash, but I'm trying to search for an artist named "Sturaptor" who have done luposes (lulazzle) from his Furaffinity. (It's deleted and gone.) Does anyone have images of all three of them?

/int/ countries statistics

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Hello, if it's not a bother, could you re-add the countries statistics to /int/, I'm using the data from the other boards to determine the rarity of the flags. If you could add that I would be really grateful!

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search function on /int/ archives stopped archiving posts yesterday
fix this shit please
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How to find image:
>thread and thumbnails still on desuarchive, posted 2016 ( https://s2.desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/trash/thumb/1474/17/1474173036362s.jpg )
>full image 404s
>look in https://archive.org/download/desuarchive_201903_trash_1/1474.tar/
>not there
Anywhere else to look?

Search in threads with subject

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Is there a way to search for a post which was posted in some general thread?
For instance I want to search for something from Paizo Games General /pgg/ but most hits are from /5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General. Is there any way to eliminate all posts from /5eg/ without having to manually go through each post to check if it's from /pgg/ or /5eg/?

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>Your message looked like spam. Make sure you have JavaScript enabled to display the reCAPTCHA to submit the comment.
So why does this happen every so often while trying to ghostpost? I obviously have Javascript enabled and NoScript not blocking anything since I can post normally most of the time but it's like some threads just refuse to accept ghost posts by spitting out that error message all the time.

Find image by direct link

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I have an old (September-ish) direct link to an image on /aco/ that I'd like to view. I want to find it here via search, but the URL doesn't give me the thread or post numbers, the actual filename, or anything else I can see to use. Wat do?
Here's the link:

where are the images???

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help me smeone
go to that post on the fit board on this site
where are the two images telling people how to do stomach vacuums? All I see are no symbols

Can't view /gif/ files

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Why can't I view images from /gif/?
Every one I've clicked on is 404'd
I've tried both gifs and webm files along with those from multiple threads.
Is there something I'm not aware of?

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Stupid question:

Would it be worth it to OCR images and make that text searchable?

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Having difficulty viewing images in this thread: https://desuarchive.org/aco/thread/971573/
Most of the images in the thread give a 404 Not Found error when opened. It doesn't seem to be purely a filesize issue (some of the largest images in the thread load fine), and all the thumbnails are all visible.
Was this simply an issue with how the thread was archived in the first place, or is this a more recent image storage problem?