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Is there a way to implement the "last 50" option this archive has on the actual board? It's for loading long threads like stickies, so only the last 50, or even 30 posts are shown.

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How do you search by country?

Typing in the country doesn't work, nor do like a fuckton of common abbreviations. Whats the deal with that?

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>Both newly scraped images and full images are available again after making a deal with Cloudflare to disable caching. >This gives us time to research alternative methods of serving full images.
How much time?

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The 4chan feedback page used to have official mod responses to about 25ish submissions featured on the page. This was recently (few months back) taken down.

Was this content ever archived? Is it possible to retrieve? It's not on the wayback machine

Admin edit: I couldn't get a reply to work but basically, probably for development purposes this github repo from the Clover developer has been tracking changes to 4chan's website since 2014. You should able to find it looking back in the git history: https://github.com/Floens/ChanTracking/commits/master

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Fix you're image server, useless niggers.


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Are you guys still saving images or are they now lost forever? Please respond
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Where is the Christmastheme?

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>search still fucking ded

I miss Foolz

Search backend unavailable?

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So the "search backend" is currently unavailable and I cant search for the content I want. Is there any info on how long it takes for it to be fixed?
It's happened before, but this time it shows no sign of being fixed after so many days =_=