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Post your last rep face
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Do you prefer to workout alone or with a partner?
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Tonal Deaf?

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Seriously considering one of these. Hugely expensive. But.
Experiences? Thoughts? Opinions?
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What do you think of this body?

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Natty or roided? 173cm 92,2kg
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>Fat but don't wanna lose strenght and muscle

I'm gonna do IF and maybe OMAD till august - september, is it a good method to preserve muscle mass and strenght?


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>your max count without stopping
>favorite stance/position
>roll for more fucker
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mods and jannies you are based

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dear janitors,
you have been extremely based as of late, thank you for not being cringe, genuinely mean this
love, anon
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Hey girls i need help
I started going to a gym to find a chad that would breed me, after 2 months only creeps and incels were looking at me, no one over 5'11 or at least good looking, wat should i do?

Core workouts

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What are some heavy, compound workouts that I can load up with weight that directly work the abs and obliques? Everywhere I look, I just get stupid AX tier garbage, what are some legitimate, straight forward, heavy ab workouts I can do to rack my abs?
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