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Hey girls i need help
I started going to a gym to find a chad that would breed me, after 2 months only creeps and incels were looking at me, no one over 5'11 or at least good looking, wat should i do?

Core workouts

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What are some heavy, compound workouts that I can load up with weight that directly work the abs and obliques? Everywhere I look, I just get stupid AX tier garbage, what are some legitimate, straight forward, heavy ab workouts I can do to rack my abs?
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ADHD a meme?

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I‘m about to kill myself, the last few days I‘ve read up on ADHD and it‘s symptoms and it could explain so many things I thought it‘s just me being a lazy bitch as always.
Is ADHD used by many people who just have no discipline at all? I‘ve read about thought processes and symptoms in ADHD patients and can relate 100%.

I procrastinate, I‘m to lazy to actually write this, I get overwhelmed with easy task, no stress resistance and overall I‘m just not 10% of effective of How I want to be.
I also am extremely unorganized and forget things like anywhere.

Otherwise as a child I‘ve never showed any symptoms at all, may it is because I was very good at school because I barely had to learn because of my understanding? Also no one ever accused me of showing any kind of symptoms.

What the fuck is?
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How fit do you have to be as a manlet to handle a 6'+ chick as if she was 5'?
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Why am I not losing weight?

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Hey /fit/,
I've started a Diet 18 months ago at 110kg/240lbs (176cm/5,7ft tall). I'm paying a service that delivers me 12 meals a week, 2 each day, each 500kcal. So it's 1000kcal a day. + Coffee with milk worth a 200kcal.

I've lost 20kg/40lbs within the first year and then it stopped. I'm sitting at 90kg/200lbs and I just don't lose anymore weight.

I'm not drinking alcohol and don't eat any snacks. I only eat the 1200kcal a day.
Except for Saturday each week were I try to cook healthy for myself. I usually eat ~1500kcal on Saturday.

So what am I doing wrong?
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Why haven't you taken the war pill yet, /fit/?
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Built for BBC

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Built for BBC

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Bros.. What do you think of HEPA filters for lung gains? I bought 3 of these at Costco along with Zyrtec and my sleep + workouts have improved dramatically the past few days. I haven't had any of my usual chest tightness or breathlessness since I started with this stuff and I'm not taking forever to catch my breath at the gym.