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tell me /fit/, do you hide your recessed chin/weak jaw under a beard?
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>be me
>be fit
>recently divorced
>late 30s
>barely any wrinkles
>barely graying
>looking better than I ever have
>often hear I look younger
>create tinder profile
>most women around my age are completely busted
>flabby or obese and disgusting
>many clearly lying about their age
>create a second profile using pics of an attractive femanon to see who I was competing with
>get 99+ matches in minutes
>most guys are in shape and attractive
>many are turbo chads

I'm a faggot now
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Does this stuff really help with gains?
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>this is what I lift for
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How do we end the asian menace?

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How to defeat him?
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/fit/ dating sim

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Excellent news /fit/! After 9 months of continual rejection, I finally found some based femcel egirls to VA my /fit/ inspired visual novel! That means no more text-to-speech ventriloquist bullshit! Zyzz was right... we're all gonna make it brahs!

please check out the latest /fit/ fantasy installment:
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Has lifting led to a change in your sexual desires/fetishes?
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