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Do anyone else feel bad for fat people? They live life in total despair. They're trapped and can't change. Often they are victims of abuse, or trauma. Or they have mental illness. Or lack friends.
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>Be me
>Athlete for life been training before I remember myself
>Fall on hard times
>get trash tier min wage factory job
>1 month
>lose muscle mass
>get trench foot
>get chafing
>get start of some weird tooth bullshit
>take a step back, rearrange my whole day, give myself proper time to rest and lie about doing this or that to take days off
>later down the lines
>rona hits
>times get really hard
>no more bullshitting my way out to get actual human levels of rest
>get shin splints
>get fat
>lose muscle mass
These genuine slug looking motherfuckers talk about how hard the work is because they have sold their life off for easy money. Wagecuck jobs are just uncomfortable and tiring without the benefit or the feel good of working out. Shit just wares out the body with no benefit.
Fuck this.
Also the 2int retards here are all the kind of faggots who think ciggies make them cool so I'm getting my lungs fried in the process.
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Fuck weak people & open the gyms now

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>stand in line to the cashier
>some faggot in front of you tells you to keep 2 metre distance
>"make me"
>does nothing but whines more
>call him a faggot and a pussy for not being able to do anything about it
>still does nothing about it
Society moment. Why would you even try to force something on someone who can overpower you? Can't wait for the gyms to reopen. 2 more weeks, what about gyms in your country?

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Home gym thread?
It's not much but I'm gonna make do. I'm also gonna bring this out to the small ass place I'll be going to for school since there's no gym there
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How to reach peak Renaissance Aesthetic?

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Goal body thread

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>this is the body you get if you have PTSD
sign me up
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Does drinking kill gains?
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/fit/ webm thread

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>no /fit/ webm thread
Let's fix that
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Why do rock climbers have such comparatively small backs?
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