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>this guy is 23 Years old

Is this what gear does to you?
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/fit/ DIY

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Show us the fitness stuff you've made
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It’s over

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It’s over
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I don’t care how /fit/ you are, none of you are beating a full grown wolf or anything higher.
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What do you think of this body?

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Natty or roided? 173cm 92,2kg
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GOSAD Nutrition facts?
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>gathering my gear and doing my stretches to get ready for the gym
>got a tinder girl coming over for fajitas about 2 hours after the gym
>Get wild and sudden bout of pure liquid shit
>goes for almost 10 minutes then completely gone
>feel perfectly fine

I still go ahead with my plans right?
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Is roid rage real?
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Why are leftists incapable of fitness?

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/fit/ books? How to become based and redpilled?

Running is a fucking meme

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>Yes goy run and destroy your kneecaps and shins
I just run 0.5 miles today and i was gasping for air. There is no such thing as runners high because at the moment of running my lungs feel like shit and heart was beating too fast. If your body feels like shit from doing a certain exercise that means we are not built for that exercise. Everybody feels like shit when running so stop running.
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