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itt: obscure excersises for forbidden gains

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>underhand squats
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What is the 1/2/3/4 equivalent for weighted dips?

I did weighted dips with an extra 20kg for 5x5, at 80kg BW. Is that good? Due to the lockdowns I can't bench, but I was wondering where I stand compared to others with dipping strength.

Alcohol after eating

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How long should I wait after eating to drink alchool, in order to not hinder protein synthesis?
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Jordan Peters: does this man have the strongest DHT-resistent hair follicles? Or does he wear a hairpiece?

/fit/ humor / humour

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New /fit/ humor thread. Sorry lads, had to ride to collect some shit today and forgot to keep the previous thread alive.

Incels please fuck off to /r9k/
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Rate this meal?
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Grocery Thread

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How do you deal with the high cost of /fit/ groceries ?

80% of my income is soley for groceries, spending upwards of 80-100$ a week on mainly chicken, eggs, milk, peanut butter and vegetables
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Who are you lifting for?
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Cardio good or not?
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Were old-school bodybuilders just constantly pissing?