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Height growth and masculinization

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Anyhow we will discuss and explain height growth in late adolescence and supplements to support such
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Why do people under 6ft bother working out if it isn't going to make a difference?

deadlift grip

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Are there any good ways to improve grip? Dunno what the fuck's going on but I've gone from doing 3x5 120kg to struggling to keep hold with 1x5 130kg.
Is a mixed grip just faggy cope and I need to work on my grip strength? My hands aren't big enough to pin my thumbs.
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Anyone else think the gym is one of these but for teens - adults? I had this revelation doing seated row and my best friend looked at me like i was retarded
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Meanwhile on schizo /fit/...
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i've been seeing blood in my toilet and on the toilet paper when i wipe after easing myself over the past few days. this has happened before, seems to come and go

i'm scared i have cancer in my colon, what do i do?
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>gyms recently reopened
>return to the gym
>Skwats, deadlifts, rows and ohp up to pre-lockdown levels again or close to it pretty quickly
>bench lagging for some reason
>tfw only bench 110kg for 5 instead of your 115 for 6
>gym employee and 9/10 aesthetic bro comes over for usual chitchat
>"Y'know, the two of us are easily among the 5 strongest dudes here. Doesn't mean much since it's a commercial gym, but still."

Natty Supplements thread

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Post your stack
>Fish Oil
>Sunflower Lecithin

Thinking of dropping lecithin and taking copper to balance out the zinc
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How do I fix this shit? Nothing works.
Salicylic acid doesn't do shit.
Benzoyl peroxide doesnt do shit .
I'm fucking tired of being pizza face
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