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Obesity and using the toilet

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Everytime we hire a fat guy at my job (warehouse loader) they take 10-15 minute bathroom breaks during their shifts EVERYDAY.
Do they really need to shit or are they just lazy and want to rest?

Related question: Do you shit at work?
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Training chest is pointless unless you are looking for gay sex. Literally the biggest globohomo meme in fitness.
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Why do rock climbers have such comparatively small backs?
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Dumbbells smell like chemicals

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>Buy pic related from Amazon (CAP dumbbell set)
>It has a weird chemical smell
>hands smell like weird chemicals after lifting, washing hands does nothing
>It's been a couple of months, the dumbbells still smell
>Find out there is a Prop 65 warning for them
Should I be concerned? Am I gonna get ass cancer?
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Uncontrollable body temps

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Hi /fit/
I'm going through a major crisis here. Doctors can't penpoint it and neither can I but there seems to be a "possible" correlation between my problem and testosterone levels.

I get flair ups throughout the day, several times a day. My body gets hot and I sweat uncontrollably. It interrupts my sleep at least twice a night and it recently reeks havoc on my skin.

I've found that the only thing that helps is covering myself with baby powder (do they have a spray on for this shit or what?)

The doc checked my blood and said that all levels are good, nothing wrong physically. But there's clearly something off. So the question is, has anybody here had a similar issue or know what could be amiss?

Thanks in advance Anon..
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Deader by the day, right babe?

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Let's see some resting heart rate stats bros

>lift/cardio regime
>resting heart rate

>strength train 3x wk, mma train 3x wk, HIIT running 2-3x a wk
>resting HR 50-52
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What do you think his lifting routine is?
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How do I make my tummy more muscular? Just core workouts?
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