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Blue-balled Myself Into a Bicep-Tear

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>Be me, fit and into never fap
>Had insane workout and hammer curling session yesterday, felt like a god after
>Rest day today, but my test is acting up, got a rock-hard boner about 4 times today (which is very unusual for me)
>Have gf who resides in another neighbourhood who I text a lot
>Sexting with her, she says something that gets me really hard
>She texts me asking her to do some other stuff which makes me extremely fucking hard
>I ask her what then, she adds to it further and says more
>At this point my boner is made of steel and my cock is throbbing, "God if she was here what right now"
>Fuck, I need to let some aggression out, I don't beat my dick so it's off to my room to workout and then to the woods
>Blasting Satanic Warmaster, don't even care that I'm lifting and pushing my sore muscles to the limit
>Done, off to the forest
>Literally get my knuckles bloody by doing so many knuckle pushups on pavement and punching trees
>Don't even care, I need to let out my aggression some way
>If only my gf was here, although trees are a fine substitute (not for fucking)
>Done, get back home, need to put the weights back in their proper place
>Lift it, intense pain in my biceps, right arm especially
>Knuckles also feel numb
>Lift my arm to get my phone, severe pain in my arms
>Hurts like absolute shit, fuck what did I do

Trying to move as little as possible and listening to some chernoburkv, but man I was a complete idiot tonight