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ADHD a meme?

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I‘m about to kill myself, the last few days I‘ve read up on ADHD and it‘s symptoms and it could explain so many things I thought it‘s just me being a lazy bitch as always.
Is ADHD used by many people who just have no discipline at all? I‘ve read about thought processes and symptoms in ADHD patients and can relate 100%.

I procrastinate, I‘m to lazy to actually write this, I get overwhelmed with easy task, no stress resistance and overall I‘m just not 10% of effective of How I want to be.
I also am extremely unorganized and forget things like anywhere.

Otherwise as a child I‘ve never showed any symptoms at all, may it is because I was very good at school because I barely had to learn because of my understanding? Also no one ever accused me of showing any kind of symptoms.

What the fuck is?