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Ok guys is this sustaniable?

Food - Protien Content - Calories:
Yougurt - 28g -150
Nachos - 25g -600
Protien shakes x 3 - 72g - 450
Chicken - 13g - 205
Liquid egg whites - 22g - 100
3 beers - 0 - 300

160g prot and 1500 calories (1800 with the beers, I just wanted to get rid of the ones I have and then im going to gvei up)

1500 calories puts me in a 200 deficite for my weight and height at 70kg (154lb) and 187cm (6'2)

are these sources acceptable? To many shakes? I cant keep most protein down.

Also is it ok to drink the egg whites? they are pastureised so they are safe to eat but will my body use the protien?