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I am pissed off

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>want to buy a gaming laptop with a RTX 3080 and many USB 3.0 slots
>can only find slim hipster laptops that look like a normal laptop
>these slim laptops would struggle to keep a GPU or CPU below 80c under load
>no beefy or heavy laptops because fuck me I guess

I fucking hate slim gaming laptops so much. Why can't I find a heavy-duty gaming laptop that can actually keep its components cool?

ZAMN! android pixel users look like that?!?

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Laptop thread
All and I mean ALL laptops are welcome
What are you using?
How are you using it?
Where do you like to work?
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Post 'um, roast 'um
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Homescreen thread

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Post em
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>new job doesn't have Linux access
>IT won't install WSL due to "security concerns"
I always automate most of my job with shell scripts, cronjobs etc. What's the best way to do this in a pure Windows environment?
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If you are still collecting music in mp3 format you are a cretin and deserve to be punished.
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Give me the next billion dollar SaaS idea.
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