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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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Cat Edition

A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots

Pygmalion-6B model a non-filtered collaboration made by our own Matrixteam, KoboldAI and TavernAI:

wAIfu Project & Tools
CAI Dumper:
CAI Cleaner:
Windows Guide:

Node.js (Win7):
TavPyg Cards:
Context tokens to ≤1600

Character.AI Bot Lists & Tools
Italics Mod:
Interaction Count:
Reload Autoscroll:

Ban CAI:

>Text Generation Webui
>TextSynth (GPT-J)
>EleutherAI (GPT-J-6B)
>AlpaAI (OPT-175B)
>ChatGPT (Needs phone number)

Open Source Language models:
>YaLM 100B

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How many years till this tech is real

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With AI rapidly advancing in the last few years, realistically how long do I have to wait to get a hologram of Ana de Armas i can talk and interact with without it feeling fake.
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When will technology allow me to have sex with my wife Reimu Hakurei?
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How do you use your mouse's function buttons? Looking for ideas.
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why is this shit player shilled so hard?

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>just werkz
>no tweaking needed for video or audio
>defaults fucking suck
>need over-engineered tranny built config to make it even remotely usable
>loved by tranime weeb fags
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Desktop thread

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old one ded, went out for malk like dad
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4chan redirecting

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Does anyone else have the redirecting malware? How do I get this to stop? Using iphone and safari browser.
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*crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*
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Galaxy S23+/Ultra vs Pixel 7 Pro vs Huawei P60 Pro

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Should i get Pixel 7 Pro to flash GrapheneOS, or should i rather get Galaxy S23+ (or maybe S23 Ultra but it is too big and has ugly design), or maybe even wait for Huawei P60 Pro release in march? The biggest issue with Samsung is that their screens are more likely to get burn ins than other smartphones.
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Why are hackers always leftists?

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Why are so many "hackers" always faggot leftist soiboys?

Hacktivists are always fucking commie retards and they're usually hacking some easily targeted institutions to get Twitter clout in the hopes that they might get some onlyfans commie e-girl pussy (they won't)

You never hear about right wing hacker groups making the ADL's website spam pepe saying the N-Word or something but you can always find pencil necked closet homos claiming to be part of anonymous and doxxing people for saying mean things about trannies on discord.
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