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>4chan archives all getting shut down/gradually becoming defunct
>forums getting shut down, thousands of conversations and millions of posts disappearing, whole communities gone
>not only socially depressing, but an enormous amount of information and knowledge also disappeared
Here's 2030:
>plebbit is the Official Designated Forum Platform
>Facebook is the Family & Friend Interaction Suite
>Amazon is the Commerce Center
>Google is Knowledge itself
>Twitter is all the politics you will ever get to know
>Wikipedia will be kept around as a Goldstein figure, albeit completely re-written and revisioned

I never asked for this.
On the bright side, buying 50TB and archiving as much of the Internet as I can.
I hope there are other hoarders (I know there're some on /hsg/ that do archive information) who will keep this information in circulation.
Maybe even host their own sites and alt-nets.