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>born in 2003
God damn it why didn’t I start learning to code when I was still a kid. I am so depressed about being behind the competition. I just want to be employable.
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Compiling drivers

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Sup /g/

I bought some shitty lenovo 2in1 device for jerking off purposes but sadly my automatic screen rotation does not work on linux. i have tried using ubuntu and fedora so that i can test bloated kernels but no luck. some people on reddit have the same issue but they can live with it. i cant. i have installed windows to investigate the devices using devmgmt and figured out that the device that is used as a sensor is bosch bm160. bosch is based and offers open source drivers for this here: https://github.com/BoschSensortec/BMI160_driver. can you pls tell how does one use this code to make his screen rotation to work on linux. i just want to jerk off in peace. thanks
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Best use for old hard drives

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I bought few of these reasonably cheap hard drives(2 to) , what should I do with them?
At first I wanted to mine chia but considering where and how I live it wouldn't be profitable.
Should I use them as extra space to torrent, or should I sell them asap on eBay while they're still expensive?

normalfags ruin EVERYTHING

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Was entire world just /pol/ all along or did it somehow get cucked in my lifetime and I missed it?
Can't I just write shit code in my mom's shitty basement without you faggots shoving politics down my throat?
I'm honestly unironically considering a career change, like plumbing, cleaning out grandma's asshair from the drain couldn't possibly get politicized, right?
And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with politics, FOSS is a biggest (relevant) political movement that's unironically good for software, but you retards really need to stop with everything else that you're doing. Literally fucking kill yourself if you were the cause in this "important" change (that could've been used on, I don't know, actually fucking fixing git, you retard), whether it was active (literally causing it) or passive (witnessing it in real life and doing nothing to stop it).
Also, my default branch is now called 'serf', you're welcome.
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Isn't cracking this a very attractive thing? Something that can establish a bluetooth connection with any iPhone without a question, considering bluetooth is very vulnerable and constantly has newfound exploits must be an epic thing to have.
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so, i installed vanilla debian to my pi 4
what should i do to make it not kill my root usb

i alredy did the tmpfs on /tmp thing

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Why won't they make any real improvements to the C language?
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>April 19, 2021 — BSC researchers lead eProcessor, a project that will create a 100% European out-of-order (OoO) RISC-V core to produce new embedded High Performance Computing (HPC) products entirely based in Europe.

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Fucking hack since day 1.
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