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Need help with website design.

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Hi lads.

I'm working on a simple site, which would use keystrokes (F2, TAB, etc.) to navigate to certain pages.

I am very newbie with coding/JavaScript, so I would be thankful for any help. I could provide site link if ya wanna inspect the code:

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starting my first helpdesk internship, now what do i do?
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Sick of these job scam offers in my junk mail. How do I write a compression bomb disguised as a resume to fuck up their day

Starting salary for new grads

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What does a starting salary for a Software Engineer look like in Boston?
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So, this week a group called darkside shut down a major part of US Oil/Gas infrastructure with ransomware. I'm trying not to get too /pol/ conspiritard, but these feels fake to me. I work in IT, and I've been involved in security breaches. I know companies don't want to leak the specifics about a breach. Frankly, we keep any intrusion under wraps for as long as possible. but this feels different. Any anons have insight on what's happening, and the legitimacy of it?
This is the most detailed article I've seen, and there isn't much substance.
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ok, so let's pretend that you would be locked to supermax prison for 12 years
the cell has a thinkpad t420 with ubuntu installed (no networking) and you are allowed to bring two 256MB SD cards with you

what would you save to those sd cards
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/g/ humor thread

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is it a meme?

The future of software

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Where do you think we are headed in the coming years?

Is everything going to migrate to cloud and mobile, or will we see a desktop revival?

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How can I view R*ddit content in my web browser without being forced into using the app?
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