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>open task manager
>cpu is at 100% for a split second then goes down to 30
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new desktop thread

this thread I will help out with some of my personal ricing tips!

so here is void linux running i3wm, the wallpaper i made myself in gimp with a vector from /w/, just resized on plain purple, i had the image the vector came from so it is opened in feh (thought that was clever at the time but it is kinda cringe now), the terminals are using omyzsh with cloud profile which i edited with fontawesome tux for prompt, gimp is opened in another workspace and taking hoards of ram as seen in htop, the terminal color is contrasting the purple wallpaper which i picked for just such reason, at the time i had no idea what .Xresources was so i was not using it at all, the window borders are simple all black for the focused window and all white for the inactive windows at about 5px (colors declared in hexadecimal in i3config), the terminal is actually xfce4-terminal which has an easy profile editor, the font is ubuntu

now you try!
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pc build

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cool vintage parts post more

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web dev: html, css, javascript

Currently learning:
shell scripting

What are other languages I need to know? I wanna learn other better web dev dsl's. I think I can pretty much do whatever tf I want with c and python.
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>thinkpad 13 inch
>super lightweight
>can install linux no problem
>trackpoint and good keyboard
>physical webcam lid
>excellent build quality
Why did this laptop get roasted so hard? Especially by macbook users?
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/g/ is an boring, stale echo chamber filled with zoomers.

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Its the same old
>(Shilling about a meme/obscure distro nobody cares)
>"OMG Im so retarded to run (basic feature) on linux therefore it sucks"
>(Some zoomer larping and jacking off to irrelevant software/hardware)
>(Typical "look at me im retarded" posts -- OP is wrong, gets told, proceeds to spam buzzwords/memes)
How do you mon/g/oloids motivate yourselves to type the same shit every single day?
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Network Security & Privacy General - /nspg/

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Calling all netsec and privacy faggots.
What are your setups like?
What are the most crucial devices, utilities, and lists that you use?
I'll start.

>FirewallD on Fedora devices with daily updated IPSets (brute forcers, Spamhaus, DShield etc...) from FireHol jammed into the Drop zone
>Comprehensive hosts file covering IPv4 & IPv6
>Extra IP blacklist in torrent client (which only listens over IPv4)
>AFWall+ on Android device w/IP ranges culled from DShield
>Blokada on iOS device (thanks to the "wife") with DoH + a selection of daily-updated blocked domains
>Roku & media center devices are forced by the router to use OpenDNS, where I have major ad & tracking servers blocked
>Port triggering as opposed to forwarding used whenever possible
>All other client devices are using DoT (mainly NixNet; AdGuard; Quad9)
>Mullvad configs available on client devices (except Rokus)
>UPnP disabled everywhere
>All browsers have uBO

>Thinkpad T420S w/Fedora & Win 8.1
>BlackBerry10 OS phone (I leave my main phone at home)
>OpenWrt pocket router w/NO IPv6, comprehensive BanIP configuration, well curated Simple-AdBlock domain list, and Stubby with several DoT resolvers in a round robin config (forced to client devices), so I can safely use available public WiFi APs
>Mullvad config can be used by travel router via WireGuard when needed
>Tor config can be used by travel router when needed

>Android devices run LineageOS
>SimpleDNSCrypt on Windows + Systemd-Resolved DoT on Fedora, if I forget travel router
>Old version of F-Droid on BB10 OS phone so I can get decent FOSS apps for the Android emulation layer
>IPConflict integrated into relevant bash scripts to resolve overlapping ranges
>Cron jobs which run bash scripts to keep all blacklists updated

I'm always doing my best to learn more, but it feels really nice to take precautions, understand why I'm taking them, and be able to change them on the fly.

Your turn, /g/.
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Trannyfoxes will never get this feeling.
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