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microsoft hate thread

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>massive vulnerability found in exchange/smb/whatever
>everything critical gets attacked
why are microsoft like this? did they not learn from the wannacry attacks? this never happens to linux

also remember to patch your systems
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normalfags ruin EVERYTHING

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Was entire world just /pol/ all along or did it somehow get cucked in my lifetime and I missed it?
Can't I just write shit code in my mom's shitty basement without you faggots shoving politics down my throat?
I'm honestly unironically considering a career change, like plumbing, cleaning out grandma's asshair from the drain couldn't possibly get politicized, right?
And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with politics, FOSS is a biggest (relevant) political movement that's unironically good for software, but you retards really need to stop with everything else that you're doing. Literally fucking kill yourself if you were the cause in this "important" change (that could've been used on, I don't know, actually fucking fixing git, you retard), whether it was active (literally causing it) or passive (witnessing it in real life and doing nothing to stop it).
Also, my default branch is now called 'serf', you're welcome.
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Fucking hack since day 1.
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Pentagon spies on the american people

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Ill tel you why windows is ACTUALLY shit

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>Install program
>Uninstall program
>Reminants of fecaes everywhere, doesn't clean up after itself, random bullshit in the registry
>One day everything just ceases to work

Fucking nigger OS literally does not clean up for itself.
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How do you cope with knowing that, your privacy/security isn't perfect? That your data is out there, and despite knowing that still try to have a privacy/security oriented mind?
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What went wrong?

What are the differences between Java 8 and Java 16?

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Most of the Java shills here say that the later versions of Java are way better than Java 8, but how? And why does everyone use Java 8?
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Why won't they make any real improvements to the C language?
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Why the fuck is Israeli military technology so advanced? Can anyone even stop them?
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