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C? C++? Rust? Nim? Zig? Go? Trannies?

I just wanna D for god's sake!
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Is Computer Science a good career choice?

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Arch is hard to install-
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Is there a non-pozzed version of github? I need to store some company code but I take Terry's warnings very seriously, I don't want to get fucked if they suddenly decide we're white supremacists or something.
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never use zip again. use 7z. thank me in 50 years.
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Anyone else farming Chia?

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seems like a great way to utilize excess disk space. I just started and it's going smoothly. I like that I don't have to have rip roaring fans and graphics cards or consume a lot of power to do it. Only annoying things is how long it takes to generate your plots. I'm only creating 1-2 per day on a trashy ssd and then moving them to long term storage for farming on a huge 3.5" HDD. my desktop is 5950x 128GB DDR4. Anyone have any experience in fine tuning for plot generation?
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im about to complete the javascript algorithms course on fcc.org. already completed the html css stuff. i haven't really had any difficulty and i enjoy the mathematics but i still feel like a retard when it comes to code and i know from simple statistics that i still know literally nothing. should i just keep going through the fcc courses or after this should i start some other program or just start teaching myself from a list of challenges somewhere? please respond pic unrelated
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Diversity ruined the tech industry and software quality

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Why can't X.org or Wayland have the best of performance and quality like macOS? Xorg tears, is abandonware while Wayland sucks for anything performance-wise.
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how to decompile a file

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can you guys gimme a quick walkthrough on how to reverse engineer a compiled file ?
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