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Need a new DE for arch

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Gnome sucks. What do you guys recommend? I tried awesomeVM but it was too intimidating for me. I am looking at KDE but wanted to know what /g/ approves of
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What exactly is bad about it? This is another one of those "I do not like it because it is the mainstream, for I must always prefer the obscure fringe alternative even though I have no arguments against the mainstream" things that /g/ always does, right?
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my fetish is having my operating system get more fucked up with dirty nasty malware and viruses. how do i go about engaging in my fucked up fetish safely?

where do i get viruses that visibly fuck up an OS that I can willingly "download accidentally" on my vulnerable slutty OS? how do i harden a VM so it doesn't expand to my host?

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So /g/ need some help since Google has failed me.
I got a NZXT N7 b550 motherboard with Corsair Vengeance LPX ram, and a 3700x cpu.

I have windows 10 on a drive from my old build, and want to save all the files on that obviously, but for some reason it won't show up as a boot option. The drive shows up in the bios, and I've checked all the wires so I don't have a fucking clue what's going on.

The NZXT site and manual haven't said shit that can help me out.
There are debug lights that come on, but only for a couple seconds, then it posts and goes to setup.
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>no mobiles
What does he have to hide?


Can you imagine your life without a mobile?

Is there a mobile that don't spy on you in any shape, way or form?
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>hi i'm john! I'm your new PM. I have an MBA and a liberal arts undergrad. Who's ready for standup?
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>Valve hardware
>AMD cpu
>Linux kernel
>Arch operating system
>KDE desktop environment
>Wayland compositor
>games running on Wine
This thing is going to crash every 10 minutes lmao
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Be honest: do you even *use* your other monitor(s)?
I never found a good use for it
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After years of using functional programming languages, I'm thinking I should use C for writing a game with SDL2
Are there any better languages to use for it, or should I just stick with C then? Maybe embed chibi scheme too? Should I give up this nonsense and go with Love2D instead?
I have a girlfriend btw
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>valve recommends devs to target proton
It's over. Win32 won.

Kneel you POSIX plebeians.
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