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If this was your kid, what would you do in this situation?
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eBay will enact a sex ban starting June 15th

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When are we getting 8K monitors?

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I wanit in 27" size at 144hz
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/pcbg/ - PC Building General

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Post complete specs including monitor

State budget, region, and monitor specs
List use cases (e.g. gaming, editing, rendering)
Assemble a preliminary parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/

HTPC/Web Browsing: Athlon 3000G
Mid-range Multicore: i7 10700K, R7 3700X
High-end Multicore: R9 5900X, R9 5950X, i9 10850K
Budget Gaming: i3 10100/F
Mid-range Gaming: i5 10400/F, i5 11400
High-end Gaming: R5 5600X, i5 11600K (Gear 1)

Budget 1080p: Used RX 470/570 4GB
Mid-range 1080p: RTX 2060, RX 5600 XT
High-end 1080p : RTX 3060, RX 5700 XT
Mid-range 1440p: RTX 3060 Ti, RX 6700 XT
High-end 1440p/2160p: RTX 3080

Capacity: 2x8GB or 2x16GB
Speed and CAS Latency: 3200/3600MHz CL16
Beware: Some Intel motherboards (e.g. H410, B460) are limited to lower speeds


Basic Web Browsing: 400-450W
Gaming: 500-850W depending on GPU (aim for 50-75% at load)

OS Drive: NVMe with TLC NAND + DRAM cache



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thrift tech general

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Happy Friday everyone
picked this HP 660lx up at the thrift store today. I had to supply my own charger but was suprised to see it still has its stylus. anyone else remember these handheld laptops?
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osu august b394a source code: a(dot)pomf(dot)cat/bjpifp(dot)7z
fuck peppy
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>Hype fell off a cliff
What the fuck went wrong?

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Now that Rust has broken into the mainstream, and achieved what none of Haskell, OCaml, Scala, F# couldn't do: be used as a real systems language as a functional language.

It's used in Android and Linux (very soon) and Apple is using it in undisclosed low level projects. How does it feel?
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macOS is the only UNIX fit for the desktop. Prove me wrong.
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/g/ humor thread

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