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Behold, the destroyer of worlds.
Navi 31 = 32SP x 8SIMD x 5WGP x 2SA x 3SE x 2GCD = 15,360FP/INT32 SP

That is 3x the shaders of Navi 21, 4x the cache.
And with RDNA3's arch improvements, and the node improvements.
The big change we know now, outside of a chiplet uarch, is that the CU no longer exists, WGP is already the lowest level unit in RDNA, but there was a GCN CU fallback built in RDNA1/2.
RDNA3 has no more GCN IP, it is all new.
With this, 2.5x N21 seems likely, power is the main flexible factor.

The best part is N33 though, Monolithic on TSMC N6, basically N21 but RDNA3 instead.
Should comfortably beat the top RDNA2 part, as the 3rd rung midrange part.

N22 is also chiplet, but little specific is known.
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Why does Linux desktop suck so much?
>incosistent design among toolkits and devs
>Wayland drama
>systemd drama
>kernel bloat
It's so sad. 10 years ago it looked like Linux was going to become something usable... Now it's infested with baseddev crap.

I made my decision: I'll switch to Mac OS. While still using Linux on servers (of course)
>coerent design and awesome ui
>(most) software follows HIGs
>professional software is 100% supported (affinity, davinci)
>it's still unix based
>amazing battery life w/ m1 chips

The only issues? Price and proprietary OS.
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GNOME, powerhouse of the linux world.

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Let's be real here, GNOME is the best, it has every features you might need in your desktop experience beating macOS but also Windows in its philosophy.

Just read this, you cannot refute it and to this day nobody has dared to.

So much willpower and design principle, that can only be compared to the pillars of arts from the renaissance. One might even say that GNOME is the start of something so out of this world that the plebeians cannot even comprehend it greatness.
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What CPU to prefer?

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Amd 5900x or any of the Intel i9?
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Confess your /g/ sins
>I use a Mac mini and iPhone everyday but still post macfags btfo on /g/
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Flask vs Fastapi vs Django

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Junior DevOps engineer here. Planning on keep my developer skills sharp while doing DevOps incase a pajeet replaces me. Gonna make full stack web apps for for or maybe even freelance on the side. Which out of these do you guys recommend?

Most important is amount of documentation. Second is Ease of use. Third is speed. Fourth is scalability.
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What is wine

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"Wine is not an emulator" then what is it then? A VM? An emulator but they're too hipster to call it one?
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why is is so obsessed with SBCs? is it autism?
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Why haven't you installed Gentoo?
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cant post on /g/

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4chanx says post successful but the post doesn't show up, i get the cool down too. i can post on /sp/ though.
should i take my pills or is this a thing?
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