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Oh yes. My favorite Linux distro "Sus Amogus Linux"

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does anyone have the $120 mesh chair from Costco?
i cant afford even an used aeron since im poor
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Why won't they make any real improvements to the C language?
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Hard Drive

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I have a 2tb hard drive, what should I put on it or use it for
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>releases Linux driver 4 years after releasing Windows driver
>can't even fucking made driver work first time properly
Why chinks are so incompetent at Linux drivers?

And yes faggot, it is Linux, not GNU/Linux, because GNU has nothing to do with drivers.

Clear Linux os

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performance wise is it unbeatable?

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>April 19, 2021 — BSC researchers lead eProcessor, a project that will create a 100% European out-of-order (OoO) RISC-V core to produce new embedded High Performance Computing (HPC) products entirely based in Europe.

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Fucking hack since day 1.
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>be Rust
>be 12 years old
>have a sensible and nice to use package manager

>be C++
>be motherfucking 40 years old
>still doesn't have a motherfucking easy to use package manager, have to fiddle around with dumbass packages and do everything manually
Give me ONE (1) reason why this piece of shit should even exist anymore.
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How to check if a HDD is damaged

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Just got a HDD from Amazon. The box was slightly damaged, I heard HDDs could get damaged easily so here I am.
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