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The 2020s will be remembered as the decade of DARK-GREY UIs

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De-saturated, dark grey UIs everywhere.
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/csg/ - Chink shit general

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I can't believe /csg/ is fucking dead edition.

Last thread died

Last thread: >>82643867
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The New Desktop Thread

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>be me
>Buy new Pinebook Pro
>Preinstalled with Firefox
>Haven't used that since 2017 when they broke all the extensions
>Give it a try
>Immediately assualted with woke shit as soon as I open the program
>Go to settings to turn off woke shit
>See dozens of opted-in privacy invasions
>close browser, open terminal
sudo pacman -Rsc firefox --noconfirm

I had no idea it had gotten this bad
Using pic related now
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Why did HTML become the face of the internet?

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what would the internet be like if HTML was never created?

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>One of the most widely used pieces of free and open source software that isn't some enterprise IT kooberNEET bullshit
>Supports Linux, Mac, windows and even fucking openBSD
>Successfuly displacing extremely expensive 3d software like cinema4d and maya
>Receives millions of dollars in grants, actually capable of paying a dev team instead of relying on the community
>Consistently innovates and stays ahead of competition
>Stable, doesn't crash, doesn't require 12 hours of troubleshooting

>Absolutely doesn't give a shit about UNIX philosophy, acts as a 3d modeling, sculpting, compositing, renderinng tool

UNIX philosophy is complete fucking bullshit
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the Unix philosophy was a mistake.
the Unix philosophy is not the path to high quality, clean, or efficient code.
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Do you really want package maintainers as a middle-man?

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You don't know who these maintainers are or what they're doing to the software (reminder that nobody audits most packages). If FOSS is all about privacy and freedom, why is the default adding a middle-man between your software provider and you.
You should just have to trust who makes the software, like in Windows.
Imagine if you downloaded qbittorrent on Windows but some guy does who knows what to the code and tells you it's ok to use the software after he's done with it.
Let's hope flatpaks get better.

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will a gaming desk improve my fps?
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