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/fg/ F.E.M.B.O.Y. general

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>What is F.E.M.B.O.Y.?
A system in server, desktop, and mobile app form that allows for automated tagging of anime and anime-style images using DeepDanbooru.
Searchable like a booru on your desktop/phone.
If you use the server, you can select images to be available offline.
Give it a try today anaon, and experience image library organization bliss.

>Where do I download it?

>I'll make the logo
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Are thinkpad owners dumb or do they really pay £200 for a compatible ssd?
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/spg/ - Smartphone General

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Pixel 6 Edition

If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you'll be using. Include the features you want, budget, and size. BEFORE POSTING, narrow down your options by using the links below.

>What phone has X and Y feature?
Don't ask, use these!

Good Resources:

>Frequency Checker

>Visual Phone Size Comparison

>Everything rooting and custom ROM related
>Beware carrier variants that have locked bootloaders

>Recommended Chinkphones

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone

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Imagine not giving pic related to your sons/siblings to help em develop their personality and curiosity.
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is there an actual use for C in 2021 aside from using it to learn programming? genuinely curious
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Is Fridge an Technology?

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General thread for discussion about cooling local enclosure to below room temperature & the benefits & pitfalls of various products and technologies.

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Is there any benefit at all in using 120 volt instead of 240 ?
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If you're sleeper PC looks like this your doing it wrong. This is what a sleeper PC should off looked like in the early 00s. Zoomers don't understand the 90s and 80s era cases mean it's supposed to be a shit PC, they didn't grow up with this stuff. A sleeper PC today should look like a mid-range 2011 DELL
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Does ext4 really make it useless to wipe free space (like with bleachbit)?
Is there something I can do safely wipe free space in an ext4 file system?
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