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Does the blu-ray playing software you use really make a difference? Leawo is free but I'd pay money if another program actually enhanced the movie

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American electricity
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I'm so tired

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It's been over a year since I graduated now. I've talked with over 25 employers. Nobody wants to give me a job, despite my qualifications and personal recommendation from my professor.
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I call upon you people, to try ZealOS.
I call upon you to download it, install to your VM, then try to install on your cheap spare junker PC or thinkpad.
I guarantee you'll love it.
If you don't love it, if you don't like it, then I demand you to make something better.
The amount of people who are carrying the flame of TempleOS by adding or making new software for it are few and far between.
If you truly think your tech-stuff, then you gotta try your hand at making some software for ZealOS.
Here's my attempt at contributing. At around 11:44 you can see my drawing program and see me draw some stuff with it, and an improved version of the program later on in the video, around 18:15, you can see the improved version of the program which has seperate buffers for the screen and full 24-bit color.

Here's the download for ZealOS
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How and why did USB-C become the standard for mobile phones? At least the micro USB stayed in.
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at what point did firefox get so shitty?
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Need some help troubleshooting a shit Surface 2 Pro

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Like the title says, the comp started crashing to an orange screen (secure boot failure) then today completely crapped out. I got kernal security check fail, irql lesser or 0, then critical process died. I got in through Hiren's and backed up plus ran win recovery tool (which i think really fucked it up). Now i don't even have access to recovery drive and its not taking my new factory USB.
What the fuck happened?
It seems like corruption i mad worse but the lack of control (its a tablet with a usb) is driving me crazy.
Any help?
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Anyone had one of the new lenovo Legions with a Ryzen and an RTX? I need a portable beefy machine since I move a lot and it looks good on paper - I have great experience with my 2019 legion, although its getting outdated now. Are the new ones good and reliable? I havent had an AMD CPU since the 2000's and im kinda suspicious so tell me about it