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We need a new funcoin /g/

We had an existing funcoin but now that it's got value it's filled with Jews and people looking to get rich quick
Remember the fun times we had when it was worthless? Giving away 150k to people so they'd crap on their laptop, trolling people into thinking they'd become millionaires by mining on your pool, all that fun stuff. Now the threads are just filled with beggars and people arguing over which pool is more profitable

That's why I propose Fedoracoin, more serious but with fun like the old one, as secure as SBC and with the mining level, sort of like SBC
It'll be a fork of the old funcoin but with some mods from SBC to make the difficulty changes better
We can go back to the fun times of last week /g/, we just have to make it happen

So far:
>Decided to make new coin
>OP is compiling softwares into a -qt
>Name: Fedoracoin
>Trade symbol: TIP(s)

That's the point.