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First Browser-Based Side-Channel attack constructed entirely from Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML


>A team of researchers has demonstrated a new browser-based side-channel attack that works even if Javascript is blocked, one that affects hardware platforms including Intel Core, AMD Ryzen, Samsung Exynos, and even Apple’s M1 chips. Surprisingly, the researchers concluded that due to simpler cache replacement policies, their attacks are more effective on the M1 and Exynos chips.

>To demonstrate the attack, researchers developed a sequence of attacks with decreased dependence on Javascript features which led to the “first browser-based side-channel attack which is constructed entirely from Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML, and works even when script execution is completely blocked.

>It’s also imperative to note that these attacks were demonstrated mainly using Google’s Chrome browser irrespective of the architecture. And due to the differences between security implementations of different browsers, the results of the attack may vary. So, if this test was performed on Safari on a Mac, it is likely the test would have returned a different result.

>This vulnerability may lead to microarchitectural website fingerprinting attacks, the researchers say. A website fingerprinting attack allows an eavesdropper to determine the target’s web activity by leveraging features from the target’s packet sequence. This also effectively disregards the application of most privacy-protecting technologies such as VPNs, proxies, or even TOR.